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Monday, January 31, 2011

Some pictures of my angel and the reason I'm still alive!

This is Meagan on our camping trip with our other daughter Nala our dog. She thinks she is human and even has to sleep in bed with us or Meagan.

My little BatGirl she has worn this same costume four years in a row. I lost the real mask so I had to creat on. She is so cute!!!

Everyday is tough but I get through it and so can you!

I want to start out with a background about myself and my family. Family is all I live for they mean everything to me. I feel very lucky to have the people I have in my life. First is my husband Adam. He is my rock and best friend. Adam deals with his sadness and disappointments with his usual strong quiet self but deep down inside I know he hurts just as much as I do. He is the most wonderful father I have ever witnessed. I watch him interact with our daughter and its amazing. It's like they have their own language. They don't have to speak a work to each other yet they completely understand each other in a way I can't even understand. I would be nothing without him and I don't tell him that enough. After fifteen years of being a career woman I am now a stay at home mother starting all over. For eleven years I worked for American Management Services, one of the nations largest Property Management Companies until I was injured on the the job and was forced to take a leave of absence to get well from my injuries. The state of WA decided I was cured and cut me off from LNI releasing me back to work. I contacted my employer to let them know I was ready to work but after about a month of them not giving me any work and having no money, I finally had to apply for unemployment. A week later I found out that I had been terminated. My boss of eleven years did not even have the decency to contact me and let me know he did not have a position for me. I was devastated. I put my life into everything I did for that company and after eleven years I did  not even get a phone call letting me know I had no job. So for the first time in my life I feel totally lost. With everything I already go through with raising a severely disabled child now I am unemployed and could lose my home. I turned to my family for support but my sister-in-law's two children were taken away by CPS, using their abuse of power. So now I also have temporary custody of my niece, to add to my stress. My niece's name is Aireonna and she is a delightful three and a half year old that has been seriously traumatised by being taken away from her mother. Aireonna can't return home until we can get her older sister the help she needs, she is also disabled and might be mentally ill. Aireonna's sisters name is Jocelyn and I am advocating for her so that hopefully we can get her the help she needs and she might be able to have some sort of a normal future, but she is dangerous and attempts to hurt her sister, so I am forced to limit their interactions. Now I'm not only a mother of a disabled child, but I am a foster mom to my niece, an advocate for Jocelyn to protect her future and my family. As for the real reason I am creating my blog: Meagan Ashley Pritchard born 12/1/1998, she is 12 years old. Meagan is the reason I get up everyday, take every breath and fight to give her a life she deserves. Meagan was delivered via c-section and was very healthy and perfect in every way, but she failed to meet developmental milestones. Meagan never sat up, crawled, walked and her speech is severally delayed. She is also cognitively delayed. We don't know what is in store for Meagan but what we do know is that she is special. Every time she enters a room everyone is drawn to her, like a light from up above. Even though Meagan is in a wheelchair her spirit shines brighter than any child  I have ever met and she makes my life worth living! I write this blog with the hopes that others like us will read this and know they are not alone and if I can get through everything I have been through then so can you. Post your story on my blog and share it with the world. Hopefully together we can help new mother's whom are just finding out their is something wrong with their child, know that they do not have to feel alone, because that is the first feeling you feel after the shock and disappointment fades away. You are not alone!