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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wow! It has been one tough week!!!

So for two weeks Airie has had overnight visits and has come home and had a really tough time. She keeps telling me that her sister has been yelling at her, hitting her, and coming in her room all night not letting her sleep. Its seem true because she is no exhausted she has black lines under her eyes. CPS, does not care about this case at all. They will not even take any reports of abuse I report or Airies Doctor reports. This Tuesday when she came home, it took me almost two hours to calm her down after the visit. They keep telling her she will be coming home in a week, but what they do not realize is that she is not wanting to come home. She wants to be here where she feels safe(her words not mine). She cried so hard, it broke my heart. Then when my mother-in-law came to pick her up, she was over an hour early and I had not had the usual amount of time I need to prepare her for the overnight and she cried her head off when she was leaving me. I wish they would realize what they are doing to her. What do I have to do to get it through them, that they are hurting her. It may not be physical, but it is mental and that is much worse. Bruises heal over time, where as, mental injuries are forever, for most. I don't know what to do to help her and make her safe there.

On March 15, 2012, there will be a CPT meeting to determine if Airie will be returned to her mother and I am scared for her. She may be only four, but she understand all too much what is going on. She told every time that she is coming home and she is so scared. He mother doesn't care that she is actually hurting her daughter by telling her this and not helping her. If she didn't love living here it would be completely different. But, she is happy and safe and terrified of living back with her mom. She loves her mom but, she is terrified about living there.  I wish CPS actually gave a damn about the kids they are supposed to be protecting instead of just being done with this case. This poor little girls is about to have her life torn apart again and I cannot stand it.

I wish there was someone out there that could help me, help protect her. I almost wonder if I could find an attorney that would help us, but we have no money. We are barely making it as it stands. I guess we will be at the mercy of what they choose and with any hope, Airie will not have her life destroyed in the process.

Please help me!

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